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If you want more personalized or intense training, look no further. We’re intent on giving you the best experience out there. How it works: We start by scheduling a time to meet each other and talk personally about what you need. Then, using our teaching experience and task-based methodologies, we build a custom-made course to fit your needs.

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Als je behoefte hebt aan meer gepersonaliseerde of intensere trainingen, dan zit je bij ons goed. We willen jou de beste ervaring bieden die er is. Hoe werkt het: allereerst plannen we een afspraak waarbij we zullen bespreken wat jouw behoeftes zijn. Daarna ontwikkelen wij een cursus op maat waarbij we gebruik maken van onze ervaring in het lesgeven en de methodologie van de Task-Based Learning.

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"All of our editors are Danish speakers, and, even though we write and speak English every day, we undoubtedly still needed professional help with grammar and wording. There couldn't be better proofreading than what BabbleOn provided."

Martin Wendelbo
Editor, TOFU Magazine

"Alles verloopt perfect, interessant, flexibel. Ik zou hem aan iedereen aanbevelen."

Sofie Claes
Social Dialogue Network, Belgium

"Preston was a very good teacher. Now, I find the words I need easier.
Il nous a inciter à pousser plus loin notre réflexion en Anglais...
This training, in addition to being effective, was pleasant."

Nursing staff
St Luc Hospital,Brussels

"This course contained a staggering amount of information … Something like this is much more accessible"

"My English course with Preston has been awesome and I am really happy about my improvement. Now I feel more comfortable and secure when speaking English and more fluent, too."

"If you're looking for ways to improve your English, you're at the right website! Being a travel enthusiast I'm capable enough doing small talk, but writing in plain English is a bit more challenging. Preston teaches in a fun way and is also very flexible. Although I probably won't be the next J.D. Salinger, I'm now much more comfortable to write in English."

Marijke Nijdam