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Private lessons to improve your English.


Communicate professionally with businesses worldwide.

Why you should learn English?

  • English is a world language that is the standard in more than 70 countries.
  • Because of this, it has become a crucial language to communicate with other cultures.
  • I help students, individuals and businesses to maximize their English skills to become world citizens in a short amount of time.
  • Perhaps you’ve fallen a bit behind or just feel a bit insecure.

But don’t worry, I am are here to help.


Privélessen om jouw Engels te verbeteren.


Communiceer op een professionele manier met bedrijven over de hele wereld.

Waarom je Engels moet leren?

  • Engels is een wereldtaal en wordt in meer dan 70 landen standaard gesproken.
  • Dit is de reden dat deze taal een cruciale rol speelt in het contact met andere culturen.
  • Ik help studenten, particulieren en bedrijven om het maximale resultaat te behalen op het gebied van hun Engelse vaardigheden zodat zij op korte termijn wereldburgers kunnen worden.
  • Misschien heb je het gevoel dat je Engels een beetje achteropgeraakt is, of ben je nog onzeker.

Maak je geen zorgen, ik ben er om te helpen.

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Meta-language #2: Subject, Verb, Object

So now that we've defined what Meta-language is, let's get down to learning the basics: Each sentence must have two things: A 'thing' (Subject) that does something (Verb) SUBJECT:  This is a noun, meaning 'person, place, thing, or idea.'  In essence, a subject is...

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Meta-language 101: What is it? How does it help?

Meta-language 101: What is it? How does it help?

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{ All of our editors are Danish speakers, and, even though we write and speak English every day, we undoubtedly still needed professional help with grammar and wording. There couldn't be better proofreading than what League of Linguists Friesland provided.{
Martin Wendelbo
Editor, TOFU Magazine
{ Alles verloopt perfect, interessant, flexibel. Ik zou hem aan iedereen aanbevelen.{
Sofie Claes
Social Dialogue Network, Belgium
{Preston was a very good teacher. Now, I find the words I need easier.
Il nous a inciter à pousser plus loin notre réflexion en Anglais...
This training, in addition to being effective, was pleasant.{
Nursing staff
St Luc Hospital,Brussels
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